Undersong, for Jake Adam York

Stacey Lynn Brown’s poem Undersong pays homage to poet Jake Adam York whose work “eulogized the martyrs of the Civil Rights Movement.” York’s childhood in rural Alabama colors his poetry, painting a picture of the American South that struck a familiar chord. Matt felt a particular kinship with the poem Undersong, stirring memories from most of his life spent in the American South.

MotionPoems is a non profit arts organization that seeks to “catalyze collaborative projects by partnering with a broad array of top-quality for-profit and non-profit publishers, film companies, and literary organizations.” Motionpoems allowed us a wide berth of creativity and let our imaginations run wild with the design and animation of this piece, and we had a great time doing it.

Directed by: Matt Smithson
Design and Animation: Matt Smithson

A poem by: Stacey Lynn Brown
Executive Producers: Todd Boss, Egg Creative, Amanda Miller
Additional Producers: Adina Sales, Andrew Linsk at Blacklist Productions
Voice Over: Yaa Asantewa
Voice Over Recording: Sound Lounge
Music: Josh Smoak, Eastward Music
Audio Finishing: Egg Creative