Director Joe Posner at asked us to lend a hand with design and animation on this exclusive interview with President Barack Obama. The larger interview was broken up into four featured sections (below), which we supplemented with motion graphics.

To our knowledge this is the first time a presidential interview has been conducted specifically with motion graphics in mind.
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Interviewers: Ezra Klein, Matthew Yglesias
Director: Joe Posner
Producers: Greg T. Gordon, Joe Posner, Melissa Bell
Director of Photography: Ian McAlpin
Stills Photographer: Zackary Canepari
Gaffer: Sean Sheridan
Assistant Cameraman: Marcos Herrera
Sound Recordist: Brian Buckley
Colorist: Ben Murray
Production Assistants: Charles Pulliam-Moore, Doug Thomas
Studio Operations: Marcos Bueno
Equipment Manager: Andrew Willis

Writers: Ezra Klein, Matthew Yglesias
Editors: Laura McGann, Eleanor Barkhorn, Allison Rockey, Lauren Williams, Kyle Keller
Video Editor: Joe Posner
Product Manager: Melissa Bell
Developers: Yuri Victor, Ryan Mark, Ally Palanzi
Designers: Tyson Whiting, Jason Santa Maria
Charts: Joss Fong, Tyson Whiting, Anand Katakam
Transcription: Megan Thielking
Copy Editor: Ann Espuelas
Motion Designers: Estelle Caswell, David Stanfield, Joe Posner
Photographs for credit page: Joe Posner