In our third collaboration with one of our absolute favorite clients, we were excited to take part in a shiny new rebrand, featuring everything from a new logo and new color palette, to a new illustration style (compliments of  Lauren Jochum and Kyle Tezak). 

Directed by Igor + Valentine
Produced and written by: Ryan Anderson, Patrick Moran, Rafael Alenda, Juli Fischer
Art Direction: Lauren Jochum
Design: Kyle Tezak (characters), David Stanfield, Matt Smithson, Lauren Jochum
Animation: David Stanfield, Matt Smithson
Music and Sound Design: Matt Stanfield
VO: Amanda Utter

Process + Cutting Room Floor:


Screenshot 2018-09-18 12.21.34Screenshot 2018-09-18 12.21.34
Screenshot 2018-09-18 12.21.20Screenshot 2018-09-18 12.21.20
Screenshot 2018-09-18 12.20.54Screenshot 2018-09-18 12.20.54